Philadelphia Ss.

           This 3rd day of January in the year of our Lord 1778, before me the subscriber came Thos. Wiggins a Sergeant in the 16th regiment of light Dragoons, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, did depose and say, that on the 2d day of this Instant, being duly authorized by a Flag of truce from his Excellency Sir William. Howe K.B. etc &etc and entrusted with a letter & packet with orders to deliver them to the first officer in the American Service who should stop him, was passing up to a party of his American Light horse men and fifty rifle men of Col. Morgan's battalion lying on the Lancaster road; and notwithstanding his trumpet was continually sounding and his flag in full view, when he came within sixty yards of them, one of the light dragoons discharged his piece at him-Upon which he audibly told them he was a flag of truce. That immediately after he per­ceived the riflemen presenting their pieces at him; where upon he immediately informed them repeatedly in a still more audible voice that he was a flag: but that all did not avail in prevent­ing a great number of them from discharging their guns at him-many of the balls narrowly missing him-and farther this deponent saith not.

Signed Thos. Wiggins


Source: Papers of the Continental Congress, Roll 168, page 455.