W[ar] 0[ffice] 13th January 1776.


H[is] M[ajesty] having been pleased to order an Augm[entatio]n to be made to the 17th Regiment of /Light/ Dragoons Preston's, and to direct that the Regiments of Cavalry in Great Britain, Should assist General Preston with recruiting Parties, that the said Augm[entatio]n may be forthwith compleat [sic]; I have the honor to acquaint you therewith, and to Signify to you H[is] M[ajesty's] P[leasure], that you do furnish Gen[era]l Preston with Such Parties as can be Spared from the 1st /or King's/ Regiment of Dragoon Guards under your Command, for the above mentioned purposes.

I have the honor to be

Sir &c

Your most obedient and Barrington

Officer Commanding the 1st /or

King's/ Regiment of Dragoon Guards at



[Source: W.0.4/95, Page 378.  Micro film Collection, The David Library of the American Revolution.]