W.O. 15th Janry 1776.


I am to Signify to you H[is] M[ajesty's] P[leasure] that you do give Directions, that a compleat [sic] Set of Tents & Camp Necessaries be provided for the Men of the 17th Reg[imen]t of light Dragoons, under your Command, agre[e]able to the annexed list, & that they be ready for shipping by the 20th of Febry next.


I have the honor to be

Sir &C



Major Genl. Preston, Colo.

of the 17th Reg[imen]t of

light D[ragoon]s


Source: P.P.O. W.0.4/95, #390. Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution. Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.