W[ar] O[ffice]: 16th Jan[ua]ry 8[th] 1776

My Lord

I have the honor to acquaint your Lordship it is proposed that the 16th /or Queen’s/ Reg[imen]t of light Dragoons, commanded by Major General Burqoyne, consisting of 490 Men Officers included, as also the Augmentation lately ordered to be made to Major General Preston's Regiment of light Dragoons consisting of 204 dismounted together with the Remount horses for the said Reg[imen]t shall embark early in the Spring for North America.

Tonnage for 322 horses will be wanted for Major Gen[eral] Burqoyne’s, and for 93 horses for Major Gen[era]’ Preston’s; in Case eleven Ship's shall be necessary, Six vacant Stales will be proper on board each Vessel.

I am also to add that the Colonels of the said Reg[imen]ts have represented that it will be for the benefit of the Service, if they should be allowed to carry out with them, the necessary Baggage [,] horses, in which Case Tonnaqe for 114 horses more will be wanted, including 16 vacant Stales;  Your Lordship will therefore be pleased to receive H[is]M[ajesty] Commands hereupon [sic] and transmit the same to the R[igh]t Hon[ora]ble the Lords Comms [sic] of the Admiralty that the proper Vessels may be provided for this Service, as also H[is] M[ajesty] Commands relative to the disembarking, and further disposition of the Troops above Specified on their Arrival in North America.

The number of Women and Servants for each Reg[imen]t is under mentioned.


Women      Servants

----------        ---------

42                               54

12                               12

16th Burgoyne’s

17th Preston’s


I have the honor to be

My Lord & c



R[igh]t Hon[ora]ble

Lord George Germain

          &c   &c   &c


[Source: W.O. 4/95, Page 399-400, Item 199.  Microfilm Collection, The David Library of the American Revolution.]