War Office 31st January 1775



I have the honor to acquaint you the King has been pleased to direct that the Regiment of Light Dragoons and Regiments of Foot mentioned in the Margin hereof; shall embark from Corke for Boston in North America about the 1st of March next, with Officers Tents, and Camp Necessaries for the Men of the said Corps compleat [sic].

The 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons, previous to it's Embarkation; is to be augmented, so as to consist of the Numbers contained in the annexed Establishment, amounting in the whole to 287 Men.

His Majesty has further been pleased to direct that 200 Men shall be drafted from the Regiments of Foot in Ireland, and 60 Men from the Regiments of Foot in Great Britain; as also that 240 Recruits shall be forthwith raised in Ireland, and that the said Body of Drafts and Recruits, together with such other Recruits and Recruiting Parties as may arrive in Ireland from Great Britain, shall embark for Boston in North America to recruit the Forces there.

Major Bruce of the 33th Regiment being appointed to embark with this Command, as well as to superintend the whole of this Service, I have the honor to enclose for your further Information, a Copy of my Instructions to the Major, and of my Circular Letter of the 24th of January addressed to the Colonels of the Regiments, under your Command, which it is now intended to recruit.

I am to add that the Drafts are to embark in their present Clothing, leaving their Arms and Accoutrements; that the Regiments which furnish the Drafts shall receive 5 Pounds for each Man /Debts included/ and that the Colonels shall be allowed seven shillings for providing a new Waistcoat.

I have the honor to be

Sir &c


The Honorable

Lieut. General Gage

&c   &c   &C



17th /Light/ Dragoons Preston's

35th Foot Campbell's

49th do. Maitland's

63d do. Grant's


Vide L. Book No. 16.  Folio 14.

Vide L. Book No. 16.  Folio 4 & 17.


[Source: David Library of the American Revolution, Microfilm Collection, F.R.O. W.O. 4/273, Mss. pages 2-3.   As transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.]