War Off ice 1st February 1775

My Lord

His Majesty having been pleased to direct that the Regiment of Light Dragoons, and the three Regiments of Foot mentioned in the Marqin here-of, shall embark about the Ist of March next, from Ireland for North America; and that a Body of Drafts and Recruits consisting of 500 Men shall likewise be sent from Ireland to North America under the Command of Major Bruce of the 38th Regiment, to recruit the Forces there; I have the honor to acquaint your Lordship therewith, that You may be pleased to receive His Majesty's Commands thereupon, respecting the disembarka≠tion, and further disposition of the said Regiments and etc. on their Arrival in North America.

I have the Honour to be

My Lord, & c.


Earl of Dartmoth

&c. --- &c --- &c




17th Liqht Draqoons

35th Ft Campbellís

49th Maitland's

63d Grantís


[Source: David Library, Microfilm of P.R.O. W.0. 4/93]

[As transcribed by Gilbert V. Riddle]