War Office 14th February 1775

My Lord,

The King having been pleased to direct that the Drafts, which Major General Preston's Regiment of Light Dragoons is to receive from the 12th - 15th - 16th - and 18th - Regiments of Light Dragoons, shall leave their present Cloathing [sic], Arms, Accoutrements, Horse Furniture with their respective Corps; and that they shall be subsisted and cleared by the Regiments to which they belong up to the day of their Embarking from Ireland; I have the honor to acquaint Your Lordship therewith, that you may be pleased to receive and transmit His Majesty's Commands to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, so far as respects the Drafts to be made from the 12th and 18th Regiments of Light Dragoons.

New Cloathing [sic], Arms, Accoutrements, and Horse Furniture will be provided here, and sent in the Transports to Corke, to be delivered to the said Drafts upon their Embarkation.

I beg leave to mention to Your Lordship that I understand the Transports will not be ready to take the Troops on board at Corke until 10th of March next, and I am to desire that you will be pleased to communicate the same to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.


I have the Honour to be

 My Lord, &c.