War Office 7th March 1775


I am directed By the Secretary at War, in the absence of his Deputy, to acquaint you that Orders are this day sent for the March of the Drafts-from the 15th and 16th Regiments of Light Dragoons to Greenwich and Deptford where they will arrive to morrow.

You will therefore be pleased to repair to Deptford so as to receive these Drafts on Thursday the 9th instant, at half an hour after Seven o'clock in the Morning, and Embark with them on board the Transport which will be there to receive them, and proceed with them to Corke, in order to their being turned over to the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons,


I am

Sir &c

Matt Lewis


Cornet Bagot

of the l7th Regiment of Light Dragoons


[Source: David Library, Microfilm of P.R.O. W.O. 4/93, 146.]

[As transcribed by Gilbert V. Riddle]