War Office 7th March 1775.


I have the honor to signify to you It is His Majesty’s Pleasure that you do transmit to me a State of the 17th Regiment of /Light /Dragoons under your command, on their being embarked for North America, according to the form herewith enclosed; and that you do send a like State to the Adjutent General of His Majesty’s Forces, directed to his at this Office.


 I have the honor to be

Sir &c



Major General Preston, or

Officer Commanding the 17th

Regiment of Light Dragoons

at Corke


Vide Form in Miscellany Book 1774 page 57.


[Source: David Library, Microfilm of P.R.O. W.O. 4/93, 73, 147.]

[As transcribed by Gilbert V. Riddle]