War Office 14th March 1775.


His Majesty having been pleased to direct, that the 17th Regiment of /Light/ Dragoons Commanded by Major General Preston, consisting of Six Troops of one Serjeant, Two Corporal s, One Trumpet, and one Hautbois in each Troop, with the usual Commssioned officers, should embark from Ireland for North America, and previous to their Embark­ation, to be augmented with Six Serjeants and 102 private Men, to­gether with Surgeon' s Mate, I am to acquaint you therewith, and to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure that You do advance to Messrs. Cox & Mair Agents to the Said Regiment, the Sum of One Thousand Pounds on account, for the Subsistence of the said Additionals.

I am to add, it is proposed that Ireland shall continue to pay the [illegible, Established] Numbers, the, Difference between the British and Irish Establishment only being to be made good by Great Britain, and that the Monies necessary for this Service have already been voted.

I am also to inform you that the Subsistence -for the Irish Numbers for four Months, is to be issued to the said Corps in that Kingdom.

As soon as the time can be settled from which the said Regiment, together with the Augmentation is to take place on the British Establishment, I shall not fail to acquaint you therewith.

I have the honor to be




Right Honorable Richard Rigby

&c &c &c ...


[Source: David Library, Microfilm of P.P.O. M.O. 4/93, 82, 165-166.]

[As transcribed by Gilbert V. Riddle]