Craig's Court 26th March 1776

My Lord,

We have the honor to lay before your Lordship the request of Major General Preston, who would have wrote to your Lordship himself, bust that he is greatly indisposed, that you would be pleased to move His Majesty to grant Commissions to the under mentioned Gentlemen in the l7th Reg[imen]t of [Light] Dragoons, in Succession to Lieut. Hamlet Obins, who came home by Leave from Major General Howe, in order to dispose of his Commission, which he purchased? And as the Eldest Cornet has lodged his Share for the Lieutenantcy [sic], and Mr. Pattison the Money for the Cornetcy, General Preston hopes that the Commissions may be granted immediately as Mr. Pattison is ready to set out to join the Regiment.


Eldest Cornet Jas. Hussey, to be Lieutenant, vice Obins, by purchase. Mr. Thos. Pattison [to be] Cornet vice Hussey - - - - - - do.


We have the honor to be with great respect,

My Lord &c,

Cox & Mair


The Right Hon[ora]ble

The Lord Visct. Barrington

&C   &C   &C


Source: B.H.Q.P., page 24, #145.   Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution.  Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.