War Office 30[th] March 1776

My Lord

I beg leave to submit, to your Lordship's consideration, whether ill may not be expedient that the 400 dismounted Dragoons for General Burgoyne's C16th /Queen's/ Light Dragoons] and General Preston's [17th Light Dragoons] Regiments, as likewise the Six additional Cornets to each of the said Regiments, shall be sent to No[rth] America on board the Vessels which carry over the thousand Bas Horses.  I could wish to receive your Lordship's Sentiments on this head, that the necessary Steps, in consequence of this arrangement, may be immediately taken.

I have the honor to be

        My Lord &c



Rt. Honble

Lord Geo. Germaine

&c  &c  &c


Source: P.R.O., W.O. 4/96, #430.  Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution.  Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.