War Office 2d April 1776.


As I understand that a Warrant was granted by You at Boston, for Forage, Bat and Baggage Money to the 17th Regim[en]t of /light/ Dragoons for 200 days, amounting to 1950 - - I am to beg the favor of you to acquaint me upon what Foundation the Allowances made by that Warrant were granted, as it will probably occasion a similar Application to be made for other Regiments under the same Circumstances, and is I apprehend an unusual Allowance, and not supported by the precedent of former Wars.


Hon[ora]ble                                                   I have the honor

Lieut. General Sage                                                &c



Source: P.R.O., W.0,4/96, #447. Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution, Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle,