W.O. 12th April 1776


I have the honor to acquaint you that the six ad[ditiona]l Cornets, & the Dismounted Men of the Queen's light Dr[agoon]s under your Comm­and, are to embark in the Transports intended to carry over the Bat horses for the use of the Troops in No[rth] America; & are to assist in taking Care of the Said Horses during the Passage.

I am also to Signify to you H[is] M[ajesty's] P[leasure] that you do intermise [sic] on board the Said Transports Such a proportion of Sub­alterns, Non-Com[missione]d Officers & experienced Dragoons from the Body of the Reg[imen]t, as you shall judge to be quite sufficient for preserving Order & good Discipline among the Recruits, & taking Care that the horses are properly attended; and that you do order a Captain to take the Command of the Same.

This being a Matter of so high importance, that a Failure therein must not only occasion a heavy Expence to the Public, but be productive of the most serious Consequences to the King's service in No[rth] America, H[is] M[ajesty] is confident from the Zeal & Attention which you have ever shewn [sic] to his Service, that you will take such pains in your Regimental Arrangements as may enable you most effectually to answer His Expectations in the present instance, without material detrimental to the Corps under your Command.

I am to add that the places of the Men taken from the body of the Reg[imen]t may be supplied, if you think proper, by an equal Number of the dismounted Dragoons, & the Com[mandin]g Officer may be also supplied by such of the ad[ditiona]l Cornets as you may think proper.

It is not at present settled how soon this Embark[atio]n can take place, but it will be expedient that the Men should immediately be held in readiness to march on the shortest Notice.

I have the honor to be

Sir &c Barrington

Lieut. Colo. Harcourt, or Officer

commanding the Queen's light Dragoons.



Source: P.P.O. W.O.4/97, #4-5.  Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution.  Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.