W.O. 13th April 1776.


16th Light Dragoons


18 Serjeants

     H[s] M[ajesty] having been pleased to direct that in

24 Corporals

Order to defray the expense of Provisions to be issued

384 Private[s]

To the Forces in No[rth] America & Newfoundland a

17th Light Dragoons

Stoppage of two pence half penny per diem be

The Same

Constantly made at home, from the Subsistence of each

[18 Serjeants]

Non Com[mission]ed Officer & private Man [sic] of the

[25 Corporals]

Several Reg[imen]ts of Calvary & Infantry Employed

[384 Privates]

there, I have the honor to acquaint you that the

42d Foot

Stoppages for the two Reg[imen]ts of light Dragoons, &

50 Serjeants

For the 42d &71st Reg[imen]ts of Foot are to be made

2 Pipers

Agre[e]able to the Numbers ment[ione]d in the Margin,

20 Drummers

& for the other British Reg[imen]ts of Foot according to

1,010 Rank & File

The Numbers underm[entione]d [.]

71st 2 Battns.

     Thirty Serjeants, 2 Fifers, 20 Drummers, 560 Rank &

80 Serjeants

File for each Reg[imen]t.

4 Pipers

     The above stoppage to take place from the 25th June

40 Drummers

Next inclusive.

2,000 R[ank] & File

   I am to add that the Stoppages made from the 7th, 14th,


&26th Reg[imen]ts are to continue as present.



                                                                        I have the honor to be

                                                                                    Sir &c



Source: P.R.O., W.O.4/97, ftl5. Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution. Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.