Boston 22d April 1775

My Lord

I have had the honor to receive your Lordships letter of the 31st [of] January with a list of the Regiments Ordered to embark +or this place from Ireland, the Augmentation and Establishment of the 17th Regiment of Dragoons, and amount of Drafts from the Regiments in England and Ireland, likewise your Lordships Circular letter, to the Colonel 5 of the Regiments in America, relative to the Drafts, and Recruits, and copy of your Instructions to Major Bruce C.3

Your Lordships letter of the first of February, I have likewise had the honor to receive, acquainting me that compleat setts [sic] of Camp Equipage will be sent out for the Several Regiments here, and Inclosing [sic] Promotions and leaves of Absence, all which shall be properly attended to [.]


I have the honor to be with great Regard, Respect, and Esteem,

My Lord

Your Lordships

Most Obedient and Most

humble Servant

[Signed] Tho[ma]s Gage


Right Honorable Lord Viscount Barrington

His Majesty's Secretary at War


[Source: David Library of the American Revolution, Microfilm Collection,

P.R.O. W.O. 1/2, 86.  As transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.]