Cartridge Boxes for Light Dragoon Augmentations, 29 APR 1776


[p. 108]


War Office  29th. April 1776

My Lord,

The under mentioned Cartouch Boxes being wanted for the respective Augmentations lately made to the three Regiments of Light Dragoons; I have the honor to acquaint Your Lordship therewith, and to desire You will be pleased to receive H. M's. Commands thereupon, and signify the same to the Major General of the Ordnance, that the said Cartouch Boxes may be delivered out of H. M's. Stores, for the Use of the said Regiments, and the Expence thereof charged to the Estimate of Ordnance for Parliament.

I have the honor &c.



15th. Eliott's           90

16th. Burgoyne's  192

17th. Preston's     192


Lord Visct. Weymouth &c. &c. &c.


SOURCE:  London; Public Records Office (PRO); War Office; Class 4 (W04), Secretary-at-War Out Letters; Volume 97.   Transcribed by J. Kochan, JUL 1993.