W.O. 3d. May 1782


The17th. Regt. of (Light) Dragoons, and the 23d.40th.& 43d. Regiments of Foot, and the 2d. Battalion of the 84th.Regi≠ment,towhich you are Agent, having been recruitedbysundry Drafts from the 20th. Regiment of Foot, Vizt.


The 17th. Regt. of Light Dragoons by5 Drafts

††††††† 23d. Regt. of Foot----------- by7do.

††††††† 40th. do.------------------------ by3do.

††††††† 43d. do.------------------------- by2do.

††††††† 84th. do. 2d. Bn.-------------- by3 do.

††† 20


I am to signify to you the K's. P. that you do pay toMes≠sieursMeyrick Agent to the said Regiment, the Sumof105 being at the rate of five Pounds, five Shillings for each ofthe saidDrafts, which Sum is to be charged to theStockpurse†† Ac≠countof the 17th. Regt. of (Light) Dragoons, and NonEffective Accounts of the 23d. 40th. 43d. and 2d. Battn. of 84th. Regts. of Foot, agreeable to the Numbers received by each of them.


I am Gentlemen &c.



Messrs. Cox, Mair & Cox


[In Margin:]See p. 231†††††† [PAGE 229]


Like Letters of same date to the following Agents, Vizt.


Messieurs Gray and Ogilvie to pay £36.15.- for sevenDrafts - 1 to the 54th. and 6th to the 57th. Regiment.


Messieurs Bisshopp and Brummell to pay £15.15.- for 3 Drafts to the 22d. Regiment of Foot.


MessieursRoberts to pay £5.5.- for one Draft to the38th. Regiment.


MessieursHesse to pay £5.5.- for one Draft tothe37th. Regiment of Foot.


SOURCE:†† Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office,Class 4, Volume 117, Page 229-230.