Horse Transports for North America, 28 May 1776


[P. 256]


Mr. Lewis presents his Compliments to the Comptroller of the Navy, and begs the favour of being informed, as soon as possible, of the State of the 13 Transports intended to carry the Remount Horses of the 17th. Regiment of Light Dragoons, the 615 Draft Horses and the 5 Horses for the Detachment of Foot Guards--as to what are now at Portsmouth, and when the whole may be expected there, that the proper Orders may be given for sending the Horses to Portsmouth


[margin:]  Comptroller of the Navy


War Office  28th May 1776


SOURCE: London; Public Records Office (PRO); War Office; Class 4 (W04), Secretary at War Out Letters; Volume 97. Transcribed by ,7. Kochan, JUL 1993.