City of

New York


Seth Mead a Private in Coll. Delancey’s Corps of Refugess, being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposeth and saith That on the last Sunday in October last, he was taken Prisoner near the Saw Pitts in the Township of Rye in West Chester County by Benjamin Kirby, Botch Brush, Nathl.  Sacket and on Dittimus a Party of Rebells who were I a whale boat, and Was carried by them across the Sound on Long Island to one Zeno Carpenters who lives in Lattin Town on the North Side of said Island, and about thirty miles from this City, where there was one Thomas Carpenter, Son of the said Zeno Carpenter who joined the said Party and then proceeded to one Job Merrits about a quarter of a mile from the said Carpenters, who gave them. Information that they could not do the particular Business which they had come upon, but that there was one John Butler who lived about a mile off had a great deal of money; That thereupon the said Party went to said Butlers House, but as they were afraid there might be more men in the House than they expected, they did not go in- That then the said Thomas Carpenter told the said Party that there was one Henry Bird a Refugee who was at Benjamin Lattins also a Neighbour of said Carpenters, who he knew had a considerable Sum of money, they Immediately proceeded to said Lattins House, knocked on the door and demanded Entrance, which was granted them, and they asked the family if Henry Bird was there? Who answered no. That the said Party then replied, that they told a damned lie and ordered a Candle to be light; after which they soon found said Bird, and immediately demanded his money and Watch, which he gave to them.

The Deponent further saith, that after the said Party had robbed the said Bird, the said Thomas Carpenter told them that there was one James Browne a Refugee in the same house, and advised them to rob him also, which they accordingly did all of his money and Cloaths, after beating him in a most cruel manner.

The Deponent further saith, that after the said Party had robbed the said Bird and Browne, as they came out of the Door to go away, there was that Instant a Patrole of two of the 17th Dragoons who were passing by the said House, and that the said Thomas Carpenter hailed them and asked them who there were; they answered Friends to King George, upon which the said Thomas Carpenter presented his Gun at them and snaped, which was owing to the Guns  being wet.  That the said two Dragoons then galloped off, and the said Thomas Carpenter told the Party that he imagined upon his snaping his Gun at the Dragoons, there would be an Alarm, and advised them to get off as soon as possible; and if they wouldn’t come over the next Thursday Night, he wouldn’t look out and see that everything was ready and safe in order to rob the Person which they had intended, but whose name the Deponent could not learn- That in Case they could not come on Thursday Night, he said Thomas Carpenter further told them, that he would come over to them and let them know it would be safe for them to come.

And this Deponent further saith that they said Thomas Carpenter and Job Merrit shared equally with the said Party the money and Effects which they the said Party had plundered of said Henry Bird and James Browne.  And further the Deponent saith not.

Seth Mead


Sworn on this 7th day

Of June 1781 before me

D Mathews Mayor

Of the city of

New York


Wiliam L. Clents Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 158, folio 3