Court of St. James, June 9, 1783


& given out in Publick Orders at Head Quarters,

New York 17th [of] August 1783.


A Plan of the Establishment of the several Regiments to be Reduced, refered to in his

Majesty's orders and Instructions to Sir Guy Carleton....


...the 17th Infantry...Regiments are to hold themselves in readiness to embark for Nova Scotia where they are to remain till further orders....  The 17th hold themselves in readiness to embark for Europe.  The 17th regt. of Light Dragoons...[are] to be disembodied as soon as they arrive in Great Britain..,.  During the voyage home the officers and men are to be put under the usual stop­pages of three pence sterling per day for provision.  All such men as have entered into marching regiments of infantry-are now entitled to their discharge provided they have been three years in the service from the date of their attestation....  All men under these circumstances will be discharged and passages provided for them home, except such as may desire to remain in America....  The 3 & 4 Battalions of the 60th Kings American Regiment — Queens Rangers — British Legions — New York Volunteers — British Legion Infantry

— Loyal Americans — First [,] second and third New Jersey volunteers

— First and second Delancies —Prince of Wales American Regiment — Pennsylvania & Maryland Loyalists — American Legion and Guides and Pioneers, and the men who wish to be discharged and remain in America are to hold themselves in readiness to embark for Nova Scotia — where on their arrival those corps will be disbanded unless any of them should choEo3se to be dismissed at that place.  The non commiss[one]d officers and private men of the land forces who may be reduced in Nova Scotia and wish to be settled in that province will be allowed grants of land...of 200 acres to every non commiss[ione]d officer & 100 acres to every private man...each man shall be furnished out of the public stores with the usual rations of provisions allowed to him for one year and shall be permitted to retain his arms & accoutrements.... His Majesty has been pleased to grant to the Kings American Dragoons commanded by Lieut. Col. Thomson permanent rank in America and half pay upon the reduction of the Regiment.


[Source:  Manuscript in unknown hand.  Collection of Kenneth W. Rendel1, Inc.  Catalog #197, Item #9, 1991.]