Sir Stainer Porten

St. James 24th June 1775

Extract of a Letter from the Lords

Lieutenant of Ireland to the Earl of Rochford dated

Dublin Castle 16th June 1775


I must observe to your Lordship that His Majesty' s PIeasure with respect to the different Regiments which upon the Changes are to be placed on the other [sic] upon this Establishment hath not yet been signified to me, I am therefore to desire that I may receive His Majesty's Commands thereupon in order that the proper Application may be made to the Lords of His Majesty's Treasury for obtaining His Majesty' s Letters for carrying the same into execution. And Your Lordship will be pleased to notify to me His Majesty’s pleasure with respect to the particular Regiments which are to be removed from this Establishment and the Regiments which are to be placed upon the same in their Room respectively, and whether the days for discontinuing and placing those Corps shall be fixed as upon the days of the Embarkation from hence as specified hereunder, and as it was necessary to advance Four Months Subsistence to the several Regiments upon their Embarkations which from the State of His Majesty's Treasury here was with difficulty supplied. I request that Your Lordship will signify His Majesty's Pleasure upon these Points as soon as conveniently may be that the Treasury here may be enabled to make Charge of the Advances to those Regiments which are to be taken off this Establishment.


The following Regiments embarked for Boston vizt.

The 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons on the 10th & 11th April 1775

35th Regiment of Foot on the 8th April 1775

49th Regiment of Foot on the 6th April 1775

63d Regiment of Foot on the 7th April 1775


And for New York

The 44th & 45th Regiments on the 6th of May 1775

22d & 40th Regiments on the 8th of May 1775


The following Regiments landed in Ireland vizt.

The 19th Regiment of Foot on the 3d & 5th of March 1775  from Scotland.

30th Regiment of Foot on the 18th of April 1775 from Scotland.

3d & 11th Regiment of Foot on the 2d, 3d, &5th of May from England.


[Source: David Library, Microfilm of P.R.O. W.O. 1/680]

[As transcribed by Gilbert v. Riddle]