[General Orders,  America      Source: W.O. 36/1]

[for June 10, 1773 thru January 10, 1776]

[as Transcribed and Indexed by Gilbert V. Riddle]


MSS 120]

Boston 16th July 1775

The troops being now mostly collected, a new Order of Battle is formed, as follows.

Commander in Chief

Major General Howe

Major General Burgoyne  Major General Clinton

B[rigadier] G[eneral] Robertson [:]

2nd Brigade

35th, 63rd, 45th, 5th, 2 Squadrons [of the] 17th Drag[oon]s

B[rigadier] G[eneral] Jones [:]

4th Brigade

40th, 2nd Marines, 49th, 18th, 65th, 2nd Brigad[e] Artillery

B[rigadier] G[eneral] Grant [:]

5th Brigade

22nd, 52nd, 43rd

B[rigadier] G[eneral] Pigot [:]

3rd Brigade

10th, 47th, 1st Marines, 38th, 3rd Brigade Artillery

B[rigadier] G[eneral] Earl Percy [:]

1st Brigade

4th, 44th, 59th, 23rd, 2 Squadrons 17th Drag[oon]s

[and] 1st Brigade [of] Artillery