[General Orders,  America      Source: W.O. 36/1]

[for June 10, 1773 thru January 10, 1776]

[as Transcribed and Indexed by Gilbert; V. Riddle]

MSS 139]

16th Sept[embe]r [1775]


The troops in Boston [are] to be victualled by the Commissary General, on the days, and in the following order: Monday [:] The Artillery, 4th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, and 65th Regiments.

Tuesday [:] The Marines, Light Dragoons, 59th, and such parts of Regiments here, whose Corps are encamped on Charles town heights [sic]. Wednesday [:] The 10th, 35th, 49th, and 63rd Regiments. Thursday [:] The Grenadiers, 40th, and 44th Regiment and the Rangers.

The issuing [is] to be each day at 9 in the morning, and one hour [is] to be allowed for each Regiment.