Head Quarters  Pelhams - manner [sic] 21st. Oct[obe]r 1776

6 O'clock in the morning.


The Tents [are] to be struck at 7 O'clock this morning, and the Troops [are] to be in readiness to March by the Right in the fol lowing Order [:] General Clinton [is] to command the advance.

2d Battalion [of] Light Infantry.

4 Divisions of Light Dragoons, consisting of ten files each.

British Grenadiers

33d Regiment.

42d Regiment.

Hessian Grenadiers

2 Battalions of the Guards.

1st Brigade

Hessian Brigades.

71st Regiment.


Four Divisions [of] Light Horse, ten files each.

The Baggage of the Army followed by the 2d Brigade, with two 12 Pounders.

Two 12 Pounders and 2 Haubitzers [sic] in the front of the Brigade of Guards.

Two 12 Pounders at the head of General De Heisters Brigade. The 1st and 3d Battalions [of] Light Infantry with four Divisions of Cavalry of ten file[s] each, [are] to March on the left flank of the Army [,] [the] 3d Battalion leads.

The 6th Brigade [of] British, and Losberg's Brigade will take the Position which will be directed.  The Queens Light Dragoons take the Front.


British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief

September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777


[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe.]

[New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 58-60.]