W.O. 22d Octr. 1776.


In my letter of the 20th Novr. last, I acquainted you, for the in­formation of the Board of General Officers appointed to inspect the Cloathing [sic] &C, with the particular Corps paid by Ireland, but employed on Service out of that Kingdom, for whole Irish Numbers [sic] Clothing was to be provided in Ireland,  I am now to inform you of the Reg[iment]s at present under these Circumstances, vizt.


17th Regt. of light Dragoons,

9th, 20th, 24th, 34th, 53d, & 62d Regts. of Foot, and am to Signify to you H[is] M[ajesty’s] P[leasure], that the Directions continued in my letter above mentioned be duly observed.

I am.                           Sir &c


Thos. Fauquler Esqr


Source: P.P.O., W.0.4/98, #273.  Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution.  Transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.