Agreeable to your Excellency's directions I have had a conversation with E. Genl. Skinner on the subject I had the honor to mention to you.

He conceives the attempt to bid fair for success; the Distance where the Boats are, is twenty three miles, & the Route I propose to return by to South Amboy about six & twenty.

The Landing should be made about nine o Clock at night, some Infantry are proposed to be set a Shore as silent as possible in order Co secure any small patrole that may be there; as it will be necessary that the Body of Infantry must march so as to be at South Fiver nearly by six o Clock the time of night, probably would prevent the Effect of what I first intended by landing at Amboy & retraining some tine there; the spreading an alarm, to the Right of the march, & drawing down any Opposition to Amboy, the Rangers being too weak Co be divided.

The disposition of the Gallies might have the same Effect & probably by a Gondola's being pushed a little way up the Rariton the Inhabitants of both Shores might by kept in ignorance of what was transacting opposite to their.

The Forage collected at Scotch Plains is at too great a distance to be destroyed by the Party that goes to Bound Brook; if thought an object, another Party fright destroy it, & crossing the country to the landing Bridge at Brunswick might join the Infantry at South River, a Circuit of Forty miles.

It would be necessary to be furnished with ten Horses for Guides & Axiren & if possible some combustibles prepared so as to fix to the Boats.

There is an Officer & twenty of the 17th Dragoons, & fourteen provincial Dragoons on Staten Island- as Genl. Skinner purposes to see your Excellency tomorrow, I have begged the favor of him to deliver you this Sketch & have the honor to be with the utmost Respect your Excellencies

Most Obt & devoted Servt.

J G Simcoe

[Sir Henry Clinton]

[October 1779]

William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 31 folio