Head Quarters White Plains.

4th Nov[embe]r 1776.

After Orders 4 0 Clock.


The Army [is] to March by the Left in two Columns in the following Order.


Left Column Right Column

1st Battalion Hessians Light Copys [sic] of Guards British Artillery of Lt. 2 Battalions Guards

12 Pounders and Howitzers British Reserve

5 Battalions [of] Hessians 1st Light Infantry

1st Brigade [of] British 1st Chasseurs

Hessian Grenadiers 2 New York Companys [sic] 2d Light Infantry upon the

2d Chasseurs right Flank


The Cavalry [is] to March in four Divisions, two to each Column. The 71st Regiment [is to] cover the March of the Baggage.

The Baggage of General De Heister, 2d and 3d Light Infantry, the 3d Brigade of Hessians, 2 Comapnys [sic] of Chasseurs and 2d Brigade [of] British will form the right Column of Baggage, A Guard [is] to attend to conduct them.

The Baggage of the General Officers, 1st Brigade [of] British, the Guards, British Reserve, Light Infantry, Light Dragoons and 71st Regiment will form the Left Column of Baggage.

An Engineer with a Waggon [sic] of Entrenching Tools and a Division of Carpenters will march at the head of each Column of Baggage.

Brigadier General Cleveland will receive his Orders for the March of the Artillery from the Commander in Chief.

Brigadier General Leslie with the 2d Brigade and the 3d Light Infantry with their Guns, and the right Division of Dragoons, will march at day break, and will be conducted by the Quarter Master General.

The 3d Light Infantry and 2 Companys [sic] 2d Light Infantry, with the Dragoons [are] to parade at the head of the second [sic] Brigade.

His Excellency General De Heister will Command the left Column.

His Excellency Lieutenant General Clinton will Command the right Column.


British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief

September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777

[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe]

[New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 80-83]