Head Quarters  Dobbs’s Ferry

11th Nov[embe]r 1776.


After Orders 7 at Night

The Army and the Baggage [is] to March in the following Order, notwithstanding the Orders of this day.

When the Army moves, they are to March in two Columns, the left Column [is] to consist of the British Reserve and Hessian Grenadiers, and to take the Route by the right, passing the Bridge, over the Saw Mill River, where they will find a Guide to conduct them to their Ground, each Regiment will take their Artillery with them.  The Baggage of that Line will make the Front, and take the same Route, a Guide will conduct them, and the Corps will be particularly careful that their Baggage falls into the Line from the right as they are now encamped.

The right Column consists of the Brigade of Guards, 1st and 2d Brigades [of] British and one Brigade of Hessians, [are] to march from the right.  The Guards [are] to take the shortest Cut to join the Post Road leading to Kings bridge.  The other Brigade [is] to March from the right by Head Quarters and follow the Line of March of the Guards.

The Baggage of this Column [is] to march from the right by Dobbs's Ferry and [is] to precede [sic] the right Column falling into the Line as they are now Encamped.

The Baggage of the General Officers [is] to March in the Front of the Baggage of their respective Columns.

The Baggage of the 71st Regiment [is] to Stop at Colonel Philips's where the Regiment will halt –‘till further Orders. Guides will attend their respective Columns as well as Baggage.

The Dragoons mounted and dismounted [are] to form into four Divisions and March as formerly in the Front and Rear of each Column.

The Artillery not belonging to particular Corps, [is] to march in the front of the right Column.

The Chasseurs [are] to parade at the head of the Left Column as soon as the Army is in motion.

The 3d Battalion Got 3 Light Infantry [is] to make the rear Guard of the right Column, but not to move 'till the Army is on their March.


British Orderly Books: Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief

September 26, 1776 - June 2, 1777


[Captain Henry Knight, Aide-de-Camp to General Howe.]

 [New York Historical Society Collection, Mss. pages 91-94]