War Office Liberty 1776




I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland the Surgeon Caldwell of the 9th Regt. Of Zootis appointed apothecary on the Hospital Staff, intended to serve in North America the ensuring Shring and to desire that Mr. Cladwell may be ordered to Comm. and to hold himself in readings for embarking with the Troops on the 10th of next month.


I have the honor to be

Sir &c Barrington


Knight Henble

Sir John Blaquiere


War Office Liberty 1776




I send you the enclosed order for the March of the Volunteers of Recruits of the 17th Regt. Of Light Dragoons under your Command to Newcastle, and to acquaint you that the name is not to be carried into execution, unless you cannot get a passage for them in proper time, either from Edinburgh or Berwhich.


I am Sir &c Barrington


Garnet Hamilton

Of the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons

Linlithgow of Britain