[Return of British Prisoners, Lancaster]


Negroe Ben                                        Allens             here   

John Keys                                          26th                             here

James Unthank                                 23d                             here

George Horton or Huston                 Guards                       here   

William Pendleton                             Artillery                       here

William Cameron                              4th                                here

John Lane                                          28th                             here

William Long                          72d                             here

Walter Cunningham              do                                here

William Oliver                                    Sailor                          here

John Marey                                        do                                here

Robert Cronon or Cannon                do                                deserted 22 May

John Boon or Bean                           do                                deserted 10 May      

Joseph Kissick                                  do                                deserted 22 May

Benjamin Beames                            do                                died 19 May

James Hamilton                                do                                here

John Mitchel                                       do                                died 26 April

Francis Carrol                                   do                                deserted 8 May

Walter Williams  [crossed out]         do

Thomas Malony                                 do                                deserted 3d May

Thomas Soltar                                   do                                here

Samuel Wiseham                             do                                deserted 9 May

Mathias Toole                                    do                                here

John Marshall                                    do                                deserted

Thomas Savory or Ivory                    do                                deserted

William Peachey                               do                                here

Samuel Sutton                                   do                                deserted 16 May

Bartholomew Staves                        do                                deserted

Gunnery Finick                                  do                                deserted

John Whitelay                                    55th                             deserted 15 March

Thomas Mullen                                  23d                             died 25 April

Joseph Hamilton                               do                                sent to Philidelphia

Corpl. John Singleton                       16 L Drags                 died 9 May

John Neeligh                                      7th                                sent to Philadelphia

John Furnace or Forrist                    Sailor                          deserted 12 May

Michael Haywood                             do                                deserted 9 May

James Davis                                     17 Drags.                   sent to Philidelphia

Thomas Wineman                             do                                deserted 5th Feby. 78

John Marks                                        63d                             here

Angus McGrigor                                do                                deserted 10 May

William Wilkinson                              do                                here

John Avery                                         do                                here

Robert Tilley                                       do                                here

Robert Nicolson                                do                                here

Serjt. George Thomson                    do                                deserted 5 Feby.

David Morehood                               17th                             here

Walter Spencer                                 10th                             here

Joseph Kendall                                 do                                here

Walter Spencer                                 10th                             here                           

William Kinsey                                   do                                died 10 May

John Clark                                          Master at Arms          deserted 9 May        

William Jacobs                                  Marines                      here

William Sheppard                             New Levies                deserted 8 May

John Sears                                        New Levies                here

Richard Marcheson                          Artillery                       here

John Cash                                          22d                             died 15 Decr. 77

John Wadhiss                                    16th                             deserted Aug. 77

William Diar                                       64th                             deserted Aug. 77

Serjt. William Davis                          17th                             here

David Moss                                       55th                             here

John Shrider                                      New Levies                here

Stephen McPherson             Waggoner                  here


Library of Congress, Peter Force Papers, Series IX, Reel 104, Page 827