To His Excellency S[I]r Henry Clinton, Knight of the Bath, General and Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in America &c &c &c


Memorial of the Captain, Lieutenant, Eldest Lieutenant, and Eldest Cornet in His Majesty's 17th Regiment of Light

Sheweth [sic] that the 17th Regiment of Dragoons being raised in the year 1759: the command was given to Lieutenant Colonel John Hale, the Major Blaqaure



Captains   {Birch




four Troops with four Captains, The Two Field Officers not choosing to raise Troops, being paid the difference of pay as Captains, by Warrants issued for that purpose.  Two other Troops were added by the Captains Baston and Townshend - making Six Troops with Six Captains.

Soon after L[ieutnean]t Colonel Hale was promoted to the rank of Colonel, Major Blaqaure, to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and Captain Birch, then eldest of his rank to that of Major, carrying his Troop with him, - All these Promotions were without purchase.  About the year 72, S[I]r John Blaqaure quitting the Service, Major Birch succeeded to the L[ieutenan]t Colonelcy and Captain Bishop to the Majority by purchase - at which time Col[onel] Birchs Troop was sold to Captain Delaney from the 14th Dragoons - and a Fresh Warrant issued, or the Old one continued and handed down for the difference of pay as Captain of a Troop.

That a vacancy happening by the promotion of Captain Stanley, and your Memorialists having reason to apprehend the Lieutenant Colonel may think himself obliged by the tenor of the Warrant to memorial for the Troop, beg leave to request your Excellency's Consideration of their Services and Situation.

That the present Captain Lieutenant was Eldest Cornet in the Regiment in the Year 59.  Nineteen Years ago, purchased his Lieutenancy soon after, and the Captain Lieutenancy in the year 72.  That Lieutenant Nettles has been upwards of Twelve Years a Lieutenant in the Regiment, and Cornet Cooke more than Six Ens[ignc]y and Cornet, during which time they have done their duty irraproachably and Constantly.

That they imagine the Object can be of no importance to a Field Officer - tho of the utmost to your Memorialists.

That upwards of Sixteen Captains from other Corps have come in on the Regiment, and that Your Memorialists have never been benefited by one single promotion without purchase -

That they paid equal prices for their Commissions with the rest of the Army, and hope your Excellency after so many years Service, and for so trifling a Consideration, will not admit of their being deprived the common benefit and expectation of every Officer in His Majesty's Service, that of Regimental promotion.


Rob[er]t Archdale Capt[ai]n L[ieutenan]t

Henry Nettles Lieutenant

J. J. Cooke Cornet


[Source: David Library of the American Revolution, Microfilm Collection, P.R.O. W.O. 1/10, 281/292.  As transcribed by Gilbert Riddle.]